“Orange” You Glad There’s Orange

This cute little short-sleeved sweater is based on another pattern by DollsWest Designs, called Summer Tease. It’s easy to knit, even with the cable stitches. But I also wanted a simple t-shirt, so I just did the ribbing all the way through on this one. I used Perl Cotton. The cute little “tee” works great under other sweaters, with jeans, skirts, you name it. It fits a wide variety of MSD BJDs.

Summer Tease pattern by DollsWest DesignsMy Planetdoll Tara [43 cm] is wearing this t-shirt with her favorite jeans, and is tickled that it goes with her orange hair and glasses.

So, the question is: “Orange you glad there’s orange?

Fingerless Mittens – Dang They’re Tiny!

I’m working on a outfit for my BJDs – mostly knitted pieces. I decided to try some fingerless mittens/ gloves to add as accessories. We’re talking tiny hands here, but not the tiniest mittens I’ve ever knit.  Tiniest on 4 needles though.

Off the Cuff

This is only the cuff – 8 rows of k2 p2 ribbing, using lace weight yarn and US size needles 5.5/0 – that’s .90 mm. Like knitting with straight pins.

Thumbs Up

Now comes the thumb – half of it anyway. Still using 5.5/0 needles and 12 stitches, I knit 4 rows to make the half thumb. This was harder than the hand part of the mitten, obviously. Try manipulating 4 slippery needles with 2 fingers, cause that’s all you have room for.


This the finished mitt. Still need to decide on how to embellish them.

My Tiniest Mittens

Itsy Bitsy Mittens

These tiny little mittens were made to fit a BJD 15.5 cm (6.10 inches) tall.

You can imagine how tiny their hands are.

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