Assembly of a BJD Body

One day, in the not-too-distant past, I felt adventurous and purchased an unassembled SD size BJD body, specifically a Doll-In-Mind Love body, 57 cm tall. In english, that’s almost 22.5 inches tall. The following post is the story of Monica Frankenstein and the body she created from pieces.

Step 1. Did a little research. In this case, I looked at some pictures online in my favorite forums.

Step 2. Got all the body pieces, and my version of assembling “tools”.

Step 2. Start with the arms. Got the arms on. Whew! That took strength and assistance from the Daughter.
Oh no! Do elbows bend that way? I even bent my own elbow to make sure. (More research.) Dang! Wrong way.


Step 3. This looks better. Attempt 2 successful! Thank you, Strong Daughter.


Step 4. Two arms, one leg. So far, so good.


Step 5. With the help of Strong Daughter, two legs and two feet later….

Step 6. Hands? She needs hands? Maybe I’ll wait
: on the hands until The Mad Wife in the Attic can help me. They look too delicate to be manhandled …. er… daughter-handled…


Now we need a head. Back to the morgue.. I mean… online shopping for the perfect head. Stay tuned…