Bald is Beautiful

In my last post, I shared with you my adventures in assembling a 57 cm BJD. She now has a head, eyes and her hands. However, she is still without hair and a face-up. But I think she is beautiful in the bald, just the same. I think her name is Phoebe.



Her dress was made by a lovely lady in the UK. It fits Phoebe perfectly.

Her sweater was knit by me a year ago or more, based on a pattern by Cynthia Berrier. I could have sworn I knit this in a small (MSD) size, but it seems to fit Phoebe as if I knit it specially for her (Yes, it is a 3/4 sleeve). You can’t see it really well, but there are some flowers in the fabric in the same color as the sweater.

Coming soon…. Hair!