Now I Crochet

Grandma taught me how to knit, but when she tried to teach me to crochet, I just couldn’t get it. So this year, instead of resolving to lose weight or walk/run more or stop eating candy, I decided to try something I actually might have a chance of achieving: Teach myself to crochet. The worst thing that could happen, it would just be another failed New Year’s resolution. Know what I mean?

With today’s technology and information available online, it turned out to be a piece of cake…well… not that easy, but easier than it was before. Sorry Grandma.

With the help of the awesome tutorials found here: I can now call myself a ‘Crocheter.’ I’m not just a Knitter anymore. I officially started on January 25, 2015. After some failed attempts, I was able to do this: [please ignore the mistakes]

First Granny Square

While I’m not a big fan of thick yarn and big needles, using the larger size made it easier to see the stitches and understand what I was doing to create them.

And here are a few more projects I’ve managed to complete:

After one month
After one month
crocheted with silk
crocheted with silk

After one month, I got a little smaller and a little more creative.

For perspective on the size of this “rug,” that little fairy helping me out is less than 4 inches tall.

And almost two months later, this colorful vest is the latest project, just completed last night. It’s actually a pattern I found online for a little girl’s vest. And I modified it to fit my doll, because that’s what I do. 😛

crocheted vest
Crochet of Many Colors

Crochet of many colors front

This particular BJD is about 22 inches tall.

On to the next project!


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